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Winter Teas

Winter tea drinking is about so much more than hydration. Most people think that they are thirsty when it's hot, and we sweat. But- the biggest time for dehydration are winter months! During the winter, the colder temps dry us out more, from the outside, inwards. Drinking tea can help combat dehydration while adding vital nutrients and antioxidants to our bodies!

Here are a few of our teas to try- we have a 20% off code going on right now! TWOSIS

Honeybush Banana Nut-this tea tastes like banana nut bread- without the calories! In addition, the honey bush plant is loaded with antioxidants!!!!

Healing Honeysuckle-one of our most popular teas, with the delicious taste of honeysuckle and added wellness plants like echinacea and elderberry for immune boosting!!!

Two Sisters Rooibos- also immune building with rooibos and echinacea. Rooibos tea has more antioxidants than green tea and tastes wonderful!

I love these teas, and in particular , the honeybush banana nut is great as a latte! Fill your cup with 2/3 tea, and add 1/3 cup of steamed, frothed milk with a shake of cinnamon! Absolutely delicious!

Enjoy the cold weather, and take some time for yourself with a cup of tea. It will center you, and ground you for the rest of the day💜

Be well, Christina

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