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Watermelon teas and why you should drink them!

LYCOPENE: lycopene is in all red fruits and vegetables, but none more than watermelon. Why do you need lycopene? Well, it's so good for you, and your immune system, it lowers the potential for your body to develop chronic illnesses. It fights free radicals in the system that we pick up in our environment. Free radicals can cause cellular damage and lower our immune levels and then we end up getting some pretty lousy sicknesses. So keep watermelon in your diet, even when it's not in season! I love our watermelon tea. It has tons of vitamin C and lycopene in it and it's absolutely delicious! You can keep it in your refrigerator for up to a week at a time and it's incredibly refreshing. You can order it on our website, and you will have our assurance that it is as fresh as it gets ! This summer, besides drinking watermelon tea, enjoy some family moments, and be truly present. Keep building memories and making your time with your family count! I know that I will. I love being in the moment, with Marty and the dogs and sitting on the front porch listening to the wind chimes and the cicadas. It's a southern thing, I guess! I love spending time with the kids, but as they grow older, our time together is harder to come by. So I make the absolute most of it when we are together. It's hot here in Texas and not much is growing right now, so we are just keeping cool, and staying indoors in the heat of the day. Please be careful this summer- stay hydrated and stay cool! I can't wait to hear about your summer adventures, so please keep me in the loop! If you have adventures, send pictures! I can't wait to hear all about it! Unitil next time, be well...... xoxoxo. Christina

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