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Cold weather shopping from home!!!

If you are home and staying cozy, staying hydrated in the cold is super important. We forget, in cold weather, that staying hydrated is important to our health. We think because we aren't hot and sweaty- we aren't thirsty. Our bodies tell us different, though. Our skin and nasal passages are good indicators of dehydration. Dehydration leads to sinus infections, yeast and kidney infections and tooth decay among other things.

Drinking tea is a wonderful way of hydrating. Polyphenols - only delivered in black tea and a few other ways - like red wine- are wonderful for your brain ! And the antioxidants in tea are incredible for boosting immunity !! We have so many teas to choose that taste delicious and help you stay hydrated!!! We hope you try one or more- drink hot with honey, or add steamed milk for a latte and it's fabulous that way too. I love honey, and foam in my tea latte💙

I can't wait to share our teas with you- please message me and let me know how you like them. Xoxoxo Two Sisters Teahouse

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