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I started Two Sisters Teahouse in 2019, through the love of tea, plants, and discovering how those two things can make a difference in our health. I also wanted a place where women could come in and do something good for themselves and forget about the chaos of what it is to be a wife, mom, friend, sister, teacher, neighbor and well, the list goes on... We are located here in Texas and it seems a woman's work is never done :)

We, as women, tend to give ourselves away at the and at the end of the day, there's just not much left for anyone! From ashwaganda teas to soothe the mind and heart , to rooibos and honey bush teas that are power packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help us stay healthy and care for our tribes, we have lovingly considered each tea we offer. Lavender, chamomile, milk thistle and lemongrass are some of my favorite ingredients we use. We began by choosing teas that are hand picked, hand crafted, organic and incredibly good for you! We love our sources. They pick plants by hand and when we can join in, we do! some of our teas are blended in Colorado, where the plants are picked from the wild, processed in bags (away from sunlight), and blended together to form some potent and powerful healing teas!

Other qualities we look for in our teas are teas that are fair trade, where the children living on the tea farms actually get to go to school and are not used as labor and ones where no pesticides are used and are strictly organic! They have their own farms and gardens. 


Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the most delicious, healthy teas made so that tea drinking becomes a daily routine. When we do this, you become healthier, more vibrant, happier and can be the best version of yourself possible. Drinking tea daily is a way to revel in the healing power of plants, which is quite simply the Glory of God!

For centuries it has been a celebration all across the world and the reason is simple: slowing down for a cup of healthy, delicious tea brings us to a place of healing both mentally and physically. I hope you will try some of our teas and enjoy the beauty in the moment. I hope you take some healing time for yourself. Every person who walks in our doors or orders from our website is a sister. There is great power and comfort in that, so please know we count you as our sister too! We would love to hear about your journey with tea, life and all the other things we sisters share, so please leave us a message and let us know about you! 

Brought to you with love,

Christina XOXOXO

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